2023 Danvers MA Real Estate Market Update

Check out our most recent video covering the Danvers Real Estate Market, a little bit of what it’s like living in Danvers, coving the highlights and whether or not you should consider moving to Danvers, Massachusetts in 2023!

Danvers Real Estate

Single Family Sales 2022 (Year over Year)

Starting off with the Danvers real estate market, here’s the year over year numbers for single family sales. There were 203 single family sales in 2022, which is down 29 from 2021 in which we saw 232 single family sales. The average sale price of those single family homes was $675,205 which is actually down from the average in 2021 by a little over a percent.

I also like to look at the average sale price per square foot, I think it helps in the case of there being more large homes selling versus smaller homes which would sway the average price but doesn’t necessarily reflect the market. There’s no such thing as a perfect metric, but I think it helps paint the picture.
The average sale price per square foot in Danvers was $344.08 which is up from $335.95, an increase of 2.42 percent. 

  • (2021, 2022, +/- change, % change)
  • 232, 203, -29, -12.50%
  • $683,180.15, $675,205.32, -$7,974.83, -1.17%
  • $335.95, $344.08, $8.13, 2.42%

Condo Sales 2022 (Year Over Year)

Single Family homes made up ⅔ the sales between single family homes and condos. We ended up seeing 99 condo sales last year, which is down six from 105 in 2021. The average sale price of the condo sales was $469,354 which is up nearly 13% from 2021 or nearly a $54k increase, certainly a different picture from the single family market! The condo sale price per square foot also increased, going from $320.66 to $345.36, an increase of 7.7%

  • (2021, 2022, +/- change, % change)
  • 105, 99, -6, -5.71%
  • $415,490.48, $469,353.88, $53,863.40, 12.96%
  • $320.66, $345.36, $24.70, 7.70%

So to recap, there were roughly 300 sales in Danvers last year with the majority being single family homes. There was a decrease in the number of sales, prices on single family homes were basically flat from the year before, and condos saw a more noticeable increase in average sale price.

Current State of the Market in 2023

So that covers the numbers for last year compared to 2021, but we’re now in the first week of February 2023 so where are we at now? As of February 2nd- there are 12 single family listings & 3 condos.

Average list price of the single family homes is $844,799 and $380/Sf which is much higher than the average sale price from last year. 3 have been on for a week or less, 3 have been on for about 2 weeks or less, 3 more have been on for less than a month, and the last 3 have been on for more than a month.

Of the 3 condo listings, 1 has been on for about a month, and the other 2 have been on for about 2 months. So Currently, the Danvers market isn’t really stale – things seem to be moving, there’s currently no listings that have been on for over 100 days. 15 total listings isn’t too bad compared to a lot of the surrounding towns. This was posted in early February but listings can change any minute, on Danvers Homes you can look at what currently for sale, or get alerts for new listings!

Living in Danvers MA

Transitioning now into some of the highlights to living in Danvers Massachusetts. For people looking to get outside, you have Endicott Park where you can also find Glen Magna Farms– A historic estate & popular wedding venue that you can also tour the gardens.  

Right there on Forest St, You also have the dog park right next to and Whipple Hill for all of the hiker out there. Also outdoors, is the Danvers Rail Trail: over a 4 mile path linking schools, downtown Danvers, parks, residential areas, and trails in the neighboring towns of Peabody, Wenham, and Topsfield.

For all of the Boaters out there you have the Danversport Marina. Full of amenities overlooking the harbor. Part of another popular venue for events being Danversport

For any history buffs out there, you have the Salem Village Historic District- including properties notable for their ties to the Salem Witch Trials – including the Rebecca Nurse Homestead in Danvers which has since been turned into a museum.

Danvers has a lot going on in terms of businesses and restaurants along rt. 114 and the Liberty Tree Mall. There is almost certainly something for everyone.

Also something to note about living in Danvers, is its neighboring towns are Salem, Peabody, & Beverly which each offer a ton in their own right.

Moving to Danvers in 2023

Now if you’re considering moving to Danvers, here’s a few things you should know: Danvers can be busy! As of the most recent census, Danvers has a population of nearly 28,000 people and about 11,000 households. 

A great part of Danvers though is its access to major highways, both 95 and 128. It also has 114 and route 1. Along these busier roads is where a majority of the commercial and industrial space in Danvers is located. Being 20 miles north of Boston, it’s only about a 30 minute drive to Boston. For public transportation, they have a bus that runs from the Liberty Tree Mall to Salem to take the commuter rail into the city which overall is about an hour endeavor in total. Personally, I think Danvers is really drive-able. Salem for example is a bit more of a chore driving in and out of where Danvers is actually pretty easy going.


If you’re considering moving to danvers or nearby, either myself or a trusted Danvers expert is ready to help! Danvers has a wide variety in types of hames and at all different prices, reach out today to see if something might meet your needs in Danvers!

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